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Monday, October 25, 2010

Q & A PM John Howard Shoe Throwing Incident

Former Prime Minister John Howard dodges shoes thrown at him live on Australian television Q&A from Iraq war protesters. Too bad they missed!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Budget Deficit a Good Thing

It is unfortunate that so many are duped into believing that Liberal and in particular the Howard government were good economic managers, and deficits are the devil incarnate. The real facts are quite different. Labor reign in the 80s and 90s performed the hard yards in economic management that the Liberals rode for 11 years. The Howard government did not manage the economy; they drove it forward without servicing the fundamentals. No investment, no real substantial changes. The mining boom and stable global economy provided growth that easily provided surpluses. Today the economic crisis would have created a deficit no matter the political party in power, simply due to the lack of tax revenue, in fact the loss of 200 billion dollars in revenue due to the GFC. Deficit is not a bad thing, it helps real people and the private sector recover and eventually move their personally debt into positive territory. When the private sector is in decline, government must spend to help it recover. Once the economy recovers and grows, the government can recoup a surplus again.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Official - Tomorrow: When The War Began Trailer

For the fans of John Marsdens masterpiece The Tomorrow Series, the film release for the first installment Tomorrow: When The War Began, cannot come soon enough. Check out the newly release movie trailer, it looks amazing.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hilarious, 1960's American Diner Asian Waitresses Shake a tail feather

I experienced this wonderful event at a random 1950's/1960's American style diner in Melbourne Australia. Pretty awesome food, and surprise entertainment by the waitress and cooks, who were Asian, which made it funny. The contrast was hilarious. They danced to the song by Ray Charles 'Shake Your Tail feather', originally 'Shake a tail feather'. Ray Charles version is from the 1980's Blues Brothers movie.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Song's Recorded By Your's Truly - Bridge over troubled water and You'll never walk alone

A couple of soppy, sad, emotional songs I performed and subsequently recorded for my family for a special event. Pretty much a 1 take, non professional recording, but I hope you still enjoy them. Cheers. You'll Never walk alone Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Australia's Economy Growth in April - Poor Mr Turnbull

Well it seems Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's stimulus strategies are working. Retail sales rose 2.2% from an expected low 0.5%. Jobless rate decreased from 5.7% to 5.4% from an expected rise of 6%, and a trade surplus of $2.2 billion dollars. Interest rate of 3% is expected to stay on hold for a few months. One thing that I obtain from this data, is that a deficit strategy is a good thing. Economics 101 provides the knowledge that when a economy is in a major slowdown, government must spend to overcome a dying private sector. Such spending will nurture the private sector back to health and prosperity, in which the government can recoup revenue for potential surplus. A government that does not spend during periods we are experincing now, are doing a great disservice to their people. The conservative Liberal party leader Malcolm Turnbull must be crying in his sleep.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

'Australia' the Movie is Impressive, see for your self

'Australia' the movie was an amazing film full with drama, emotion, and epic visuals. Nicole Kidman is very impressive, convincingly tough, emotional, and funny. The crude attack dogs that are out to get Nicole will be sadly disappointed at Kidman’s performance in ‘Australia’. Brandon Walters who played Nullah was clearly the star of the movie, holding the film together with an impressive first performance. The actor that should be receiving the worst press is Hugh Jackman; his character is more cheese than a cheddar cheese sandwich. Jackman however is perfect for the tough, rugged, but romantic outback Drover. The cynics, the envious, and the darn right snooty bums of this world need to get over them selves. This film obtains some cliché’s within the dialog and story elements, but I am afraid cliché’s come from somewhere, and 1939 Australia is where they were born (Crikey!). This is a great film and people need to go out and see it. Look past the cheese, understand the cheese, and you will love this movie forever. It deserves to be successful.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Time's Columnist Melanie Ried Jealous Rant At Nicole Kidman

The Australian media has picked up on an opinion piece published in the Times in the UK by columnist Melanie Ried. The article which seems like some sort of envious Meltdown accused Nicole Kidman as over rated and an actor who had no acting abilities. Melanie also noted that the up and coming epic "Australia" staring Nicole, was a bad choice of leading lady on behalf of Australian film director Baz Luhrmann. Melanie went on to name films that she sees as flops, the critically acclaimed and box office success Moulin Rouge, and a few other films such as Eyes Wide Shut that weren't as successful. This nobody 'non film critic' also conveniently forgot to mention the Oscar winning "The Hours", in which Nicole her self took home an Academy Award. Melanie Ried seemed like nothing else but an old cynical, Jealous old coot having a pathetic rant over a revered star who has earned her credentials in the acting world. The Australian media are also pathetic foir picking up such trash, and labeling Melanie as a film critic which is like labeling child's story as an literary masterpiece. - Read the times article here -

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Government Should Go Into deficit, Don't Herd the Billion's

Glen Stevens today noted that Australians should stop talking them selves into an unnecessary recession. Mr Stevens also noted that the government should go into deficit to keep the economy growing. On the issue of surplus and deficit, it always surprises why there is so much negativity about the dreaded word deficit. Basic economics tells us governments should obtain a surplus in good times, and spend like hell in bad times. The Liberal National coalition really grinds my gears on this issue, as they rather the government herd the billions while the rest of the nations incurs our own collective billion dollar household debts. I say to the government, spend spend spend! The Surplus is wasteful and is used only for symbolic reasons for cheap political rhetoric. Australia deserves their money.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Let Kevin Rudd Travel the World

There have been some ridiculous rumblings within Australia about Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's international visits, and his soon to be trip to the United States. The only discontent I have noticed is that of Liberal party politicians and the Australian media attempting to spin an angle on a story. Australian's are not inward looking people, we are citizens of the world. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's job is to represent Australia to the world, especially in times of war and global economic uncertainty. Australia is not a one man government, and we are well served by ministers and the thousands of government stakeholders that are hopefully performing their job for the good of Australia. I can safely assume that no other country in the world whines about their leader representing them to the world, and Australia should be no different.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pamela Anderson & Michael Jackson: The Man In the White Mask

Pamela Anderson showed off a very unusual new fling at London Fashion Week recently. The man behind the mask is none other than the king of pop him self, Wacko Jacko. Rumors surfaced last month of the very weird coupling of the raunchy Pamela Anderson and the shy eccentric Michael Jackson. Words cannot express how out of this world this partnership is.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Icrease the Pension? What about Uni Students?

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is under fire from the opposition and senior citizens in Australia over the old age pension, admitting that he could not survive on the $546 fortnightly pension. Subsequently further politician's came fourth to admit the same, admitting the amount provided was inadequate. I ask however, what about the thousand of University students in Australia who live on less than that of their older counterparts. University Students, who are now paying higher HEC's fees, attain exuberant rents, require expensive texts books and incur other living cost in some cases on just $200 a week. It is those student's, often from regional Australia who have moved away to study, who are suffering the most. It is the case I am sure for many, who are wondering when the so called 'educational revolution' which was announced in the 2007 federal election will actually kick in? I certainly know where it can begin, and that is increasing the youth allowance for all University students. The ability for students to concentrate all their efforts on their study to develop knowledge and skills is something that is a greatly desired, and is something the nation should invest in. Some University's have gone to such lengths of handing out food hampers to starving students, students who are not able to live on their 'youth allowance' that has not matched the cost of rising living pressures. This is no way for young Australia to live, and indeed no way for the future of Australia's working economy to exist in an environment that hinders learning and development. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd must not only take care of the old and retired, but take care and invest in students now who are suffering in an attempt to achieve a decent education for tomorrow.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Australian Change of Release Date Petition

Harry Potter & The Blood Prince will be relased almost 3 weeks later in Australia than the rest of the world. WHY?
Opens in Australia December 11th, USA and the rest of the world the 21 November.
Do Warner Brothers understand we have access to the interent and torrents?
Join the facebook group - Why Will Australia Be The Last To See Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
Join the petition - Here
Country Date Belgium 19 November 2008 Egypt 19 November 2008 Argentina 20 November 2008 Germany 20 November 2008 Greece 20 November 2008 Netherlands 20 November 2008 Russia 20 November 2008 Singapore 20 November 2008 Brazil 21 November 2008 Denmark 21 November 2008 Finland 21 November 2008 Italy 21 November 2008 Japan 21 November 2008 Mexico 21 November 2008 Norway 21 November 2008 Sweden 21 November 2008 Turkey 21 November 2008 UK 21 November 2008 USA 21 November 2008 France 26 November 2008 Croatia 27 November 2008 Bulgaria 28 November 2008 Estonia 28 November 2008 Lithuania 28 November 2008 Poland 28 November 2008 Romania 28 November 2008 Spain 28 November 2008 Venezuela 28 November 2008 Australia 11 December 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Aussie Blogs On Break

Aussie Blogs is currently on a break. Stay tuned for future updates :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Miners Trapped Saved by Mobile Call 1km Underground

27 gold minors in Ballarat were saved today by a call from a mobile phone 1km underground. A land slide blocked the main entrance to the mine, leading miners to escape via a caged bucket from crane through a ventilation shaft in the mine. I just want to know one thing. Who is the mobile phone service provider that delivered such unbelievable reception? Optus and Telstra would have field day in marketing promotions if it was they who delivered such a service.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Japanese To Kill Humpbacks

Japanese whalers have set out again for another round of horrific culling of the world’s mighty kings of the ocean, humpback whales. The so called scientific research expedition is reported to seek some 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales. New to the menu are 50 humpback whales, the first large scale hunt in years for a creature previously on the verge of extinction.
The Japanese government and whaling industries actions are horrendous and absurd. The world is against them, and one way or another the Japanese whaling expeditions will be halted.
I applaud in this case any action taken by green groups to hinder the actions of the whalers.
I also hope and am optimistic that if any Japanese whalers enter Australian waters, their ships will be driven out, confiscated or destroyed.
Kill our whales, we’ll kill your boats.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Warner Brothers Speaks On Elders Crossing

I have been monitoring the existence of the mysterious website for days now, and the mystery has now come to an end. JK Rowling’s representatives informed me that JK Rowling had no connection to the Elders Crossing website, and said to ‘be advised that no one else could publish such a story other than J K Rowling herself’
Today WB spoken contacted me and conveyed much the same; however the Warner Bros spoken said they “will be monitoring the site to ensure that no commercial or inappropriate use is made of our IP rights”.
Warner Brothers officially confirmed the expected, ‘I am happy to confirm that this website is nothing at all to do with us and that there is no truth whatsoever in the story that this is "a secret marketing test" being conducted by Warner Bros.’
The website creater has now him/her self admitted it is a separate entity, and indicated the existence of the site is at the whim of the lawyers.
Who ever this person is, they are very talented and I am sure a publisher or movie studio would be delighted to have him/her on bored.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

JK Rowling Denies Connection To Elders Crossing Website

The excitement over the existence of the mysterious website Elders Crossing is beginning to finally reveal it self. The professional created website including a teaser video, sketches of characters, and other Potter themed material has given potter fans the perception of something new from the makers of Harry Potter. Has JK Rowling or Warner Brothers surprised us all with a new Harry Potter (James Potter) movie or novel?
According to JK Rowling representatives (Christopher Little Literary Agency), ‘…the stories about the book being written by J K Rowling or the 8th book in the series are completely untrue. Please also be advised that no one else could publish such a story other than J K Rowling herself’.
The Elders Crossing website recently stated through an animated Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes style fire works display, that the website had no connection with JK Rowling, Warner Bros, or related publishers. The Animation went on to say if they were paid to create the website, they would be able to make great expensive animations, ‘…like this one’.
Warner Brothers has also stated it has no connection with the website
Go to Warner Bros Speaks On Elders Crossing

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shane Warne Turns Female for VB

Don't worry your eyes are not confusing you; it is just Shane Warne dressed up in drag for a new Victorian Bitter advertisement. Warne dressed up as his mum, dad and his toddler self for the VB advertisement spending hours in make up. The current campaign is a spin off from the hugely successful Boonie doll promotion. VB will also launch Warne figurine for the campaign, suggesting Aussie's raise a toast to the king of spin. It seems Warney is getting further in touch with his feminine side without a mobile phone in site. It is frightening how much Warney really suits being made up as a woman.

Friday, November 09, 2007

James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing - Video

Exclusive report
JK Rowling Denies Connection of Elders Crossing Website
Warner Bros Speaks On Elders Crossing
Harry Potter fans around the world have gone crazy with excitement over a new secret website counting down the release of a mysterious project called James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing. Speculation has run rife over a possible new eighth Harry Potter novel, with the secret website noted as a test marketing exercise.
Warner Bros the owner of the Harry Potter films is believed to be behind the website, however have not confirmed or denied its involvement.
The Elder's Crossing website features a short teaser clip and sketches of characters, focusing on Harry’s father James Potter.
Updates....10th November 2007
The Elders Crossing website allows you to gain access to a secret password. The first password is GENISOLARIS. After receiving the code the site also says 'Remember, mums the word'.
The website today also asked for the first password to be entered, this creates a pop up of a text book called Technomancy, History and Magical Policies by Theodore Hirschall Jackson III. The first topic talks about magical Peruvian Ballistic Beans, and the other Under-age Flight Regulations.
The end of the virtual text book produces the second password ‘CDRSICA’, the D could be an O.
There has been no confirmation on the ownership of this site, however the bottom of this website states.
Harry Potter, James Potter and all associated logos and content are copyright JK Rowling, Warner Bros. and associated publishers.
The mystery continues...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Howard & Rudd Hairdo's for the Undecided Voters

I received an amusing email recently, featuring images of John Howard and Kevin Rudd wearing some interesting hair styles to suit various community segments. So if you are having trouble deciding who to vote for, these images might help you on your way on Election Day.
For Gen Y voters
Alternative voters
Average Working Voters
Young City Professionals
Grey Voters
Remote Rural Voters

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LOLHoward & Costello

Peter Costello perceives a rise in......interest rates?

New Bigfoot Photo Creates Mystery

A hunter in Pennsylvania as captured photo of a Bigfoot like creature, reigniting debate over the existence of Bigfoot. Rick Jacobs claims to have captured the images using a camera mounted from a tree with an automatic trigger. The creature in question is somewhat less Bigfoot like that we all know, however it obtains some human like features. It has a mangy look about it, and is extremely hunched over. It also seems to be quite old. The image does prove that there is something very weird living in the wilds of Pennsylvania, whether it is a crazy person hatching a hoax or Bigfoot himself.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interest Rate Facts – Labor Wins

Here are some Interesting facts for those misinformed by the Howard government. On August 1993 the interest rate was at 4.75 under the Keating government. Keating left government with the rate at 6.50, where it continued to go down. The following is the interest rate at then end of the Keating government, and the Howard government at the current time.
Keating – 11.50 to 6.50, a reduction of 5% (1991 and 1996)
Howard – 7.00 to 6.50, a reduction of 0.5% (1996 and 2007)
The infamous 17% cash rate was decreased by Labor from 1990 to 1996 to 6.5%, a 10.5% reduction. Reducing the rate from 1990 levels by 12.25% in August 1993.
Prime Minister John Howard will most likely leave office with the same interest rate he began with, as the Reserve bank is intended to lift the cash rate in November to 7.00. These facts really put it in perspective which party is the better economic manager.
It has to be noted the worse Interest rate ever recorded in Australia’s post-war period was under Treasurer John Howard, that rate was 22%. Unemployment under Treasurer Howard reached 11 per cent, inflation 11 per cent and the Budget deficit $9.6bn, $40bn in today's terms. The worst performance compared to any developing economy during that period.It is in fact the restructuring from the Hawk and Keating governments that fixed up the economy that Howard buggered. The Keating and Hawke governments floated the dollar, deregulating the financial system, and put concentration on relations with Asia. The reforms carried out by the Hawke government put in place the great growth we have today.
It has to be also noted, that Housing affordability is at an all time low, interest rates are increasing, petrol prices are at record highs, and goods and services are drastically inflated. The notion that Australian’s have never been better off is a complete farce.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

John Howard Facial Spasm In Election Debate

Have a look at this disturbing facial spasm by Prime Minister John Howard. I call it election-defeat-itis syndrome. I think Johnny was about to have a minor stroke, should someone call 000?
View the latest Aussie blogs entry - Interest Rate Facts & Truth

Kevin Rudd Pick's Ear & Eats Earwax

Look to the left and you will find a young backbencher named Kevin Rudd playing with his ear, and putting the remnants of his explorations into his mouth. Ewwwwww
This video will not hurt Rudd election chances, but it will enhance many a giggle out of voters. View a video of John Howard very disturbing facial spasm during this years election debate. Click here John Howard Facial Spasm In Election Debate

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Worm Forces Nines Debate Broadcast Shutdown

Amazing reports coming out of the debate tonight, that channels Nine’s feed was cut mid broadcast due to the worm being used, they later picked up the Sky News feed. Major news organisation such as Reuters, AAP, and Bloomberg were locked out of the debate. Only photographers allowed were those from News Ltd, Fairfax and AusPic. Ray Martin during the broadcast noted clearly “someone was obviously not happy”, and added “So much for free speech” This is amazing thing to happen in a country like Australia who is supposed to have freedom of speech. Actions like this are remnants of dictatorships and oppressive governments, this is not Australia. It is clear the Liberals had something to do with this, and they need to be shamed for carrying out such disgraceful behaviour.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

LOLpoliticians LOLhoward

Most Internet enthusiast will have noticed the humorous LOLcat Internet phenomenon. reported today the resurgence of LOLpoliticans and LOLhowards. A picture of John Howard captioned with misspelled phrases. So I thought I will give it burl as well.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sky News The Liberal Choice

Prime Minister John Howard has stated he wants to do a one off televised debate at Parliament House in Canberra this Sunday. Kevin Rudd and Labour wish to do a number of debates through out the election campaign on various issues. I find it interesting that the Liberals desire to use Sky News and Sky News only for major political events. The 24 hour news channel was also the media of choice last month during the leaked leadership crisis between John Howard and his senior ministers after a disastrous poll was published. Liberal party members have also stated that Sky News is the medium of choice for the government. Some may think Sky News is becoming Australia's very own Fox News, the right winged propaganda filled 24 hour news channel in the U.S. The political reporting from Sky News journalist David Speers is enough to indicate the bias on Australia's only news channel is rampant. David Speers does not shy away from his political leanings during his reports, and this is the bloke sky news want to moderate the election debate.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Howard Calls The Election

Prime Minister John Howard has made his way to government house to visit the Governor General to ask his permission to dissolve parliament. The date of the election is November 24th. Yes Australia can now release a sigh of relief that the month long phony election campaign is over and the real thing is ready to roll. Little Johnny will have a cupper tea and a couple of scones, leave government house and then it’s on like donkey Kong. Kevin07 Vs Little Johnny, should be an interesting election.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

African Ban Is another Tampa

The Australian federal government and Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews have made the controversial decision to ban the intake of African refugees. The government claims African immigrants, especially Sudanese immigrants, do not integrate efficiently. Critics say the government is reacting for election points, attempting to appeal to xenophobic voters wary of immigration. This is a clear case of the Howard government creating a Tampa situation without the existence of a boat full of immigrants. The Tampa situation is what many say saved John Howard in the 2001 election. The Howard governments opinion rating is low, the banning of African refugees is a clear sign of desperation to improve the government’s public standing among certain voters. As the election draws near, the government seems to be getting more desperate.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bush Deaths 1000000 Ahmadinejad Deaths 0

Lets for the sake of fun there was a competition called, the Death Count Cup. A competition that reveals the total deaths contrived by President George W Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad caused by there contribution to the world. In the right corner we have the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the accused supporter of terrorist group who aims to destabilise Iraq. Iran’s own forces have been accused of operating in Iraq and killing Coalition and Iraqi soldiers. In the other right corner we have the American President George W Bush, the invader of Afghanistan and Iraq. Quagmires causing countless related deaths. George Bush in Iraq alone the invasion of Iraq has caused the deaths of 655000 people and growing. Some estimates the Bush administration has contributed to the deaths of 1000000 people. Ahmadinejad governments activities are a mere fraction of those killed due to Bush’s policies if any at all. The hypocrisy of the world is amazing. George W Bush - 1000000 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - 0

Costello Had No Experince Before Becoming Treasurer

On the issue of Wayne Swans economic experince compared to the shadow treasures Wayne Swan people need to know this. Peter Costello had no experience in economics before becoming treasurer in 1996, with a previous occupation of a lawyer and political party member. Wayne Swan has had experience as an educator and an analyst in the field of economics, having more experience then Costello before becoming treasurer.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Australian Federal Election POLL

I have published within Aussie Blogs on the right side of the screen Aussie Blogs very own Federal Election online poll. It’s somewhat unscientific and small poll, but it will give us the gist on what the general political feeling is. Scroll down a little bit on the right side of the screen to participate.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let the Governor General Call the Election

Australia is getting more and more anxious on Prime Minister John Howard to call the election. The governments decline in the polls and no sign of improvement has lead John Howard to delay the election to the very last minute. Howard fully understands that the Liberal government will lose, and he is desperately dragging out his time in office. The Governor-General Michael Jeffery must use the reserve powers obtained by his office to halt Howard from taking the Australian people for a ride. The Governor-General has powers to dissolve the parliament, including for the election. Granted these powers a rarely carried out, however the constitution states the power is there if need be. The need to enact these executive powers has never been more evident. The Australian people just want the election to be over and the Prime Minister to stop playing games. I call on the Governor-General to do the right thing by the Australian people by dissolving the parliament for the election, as it is clear Prime Minister John Howard has no desire to do so.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Iran Nuclear Right

America’s new boogieman is Iran; a nation that the Bush administration preaches is bound to kill us all. George Bush has set his sights on Iran claiming it is enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. This claim is of course rejected by Iran who says the enrichment program is for energy needs. The rhetoric from both sides is growing in emphasis and aggressiveness, and gaining in political hogwash. I find it astonishing that a superpower harbouring thousands upon thousands of nuclear weapons orders other nations to stop similar actions in the name of world peace. The U.S government, who clearly has grievances with their Iranian counterparts, does not help the situation by creating a threatening environment towards Iran. The U.S superpower at Iran’s doors has clearly drove them to protect their interest, a right all nations have. The Iraq quagmire firing away on there boarders has led Iran to protect their interests against old Sunni enemies, making relations with the U.S worsen. American aircraft carriers lie off the coast, thousands of troops ready for action, and American attacks on Iran seem imminent. The Iranian government has a clear right to harbour nuclear weapons, a right happily fulfilled by America. The U.S must practice what it preaches in nuclear disarmament, if it really wants a practical solutions with Iran.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pumpkin's Southern Cross Death Room

The little girl nicknamed ‘Pumpkin’ was abandoned at Melbourne’s SoutherCross train station. The father subsequently fled to the United States. Outrage and shock has been reverberated through the media, and great affection has been laid upon the lost girl. The thought instantly goes to why a father would do such a thing to such an innocent girl. The answer lies within the Asian and/or Chinese culture. The one child policy and aspirations of male heirs in China has seen the creation of the dying rooms. Millions of baby girls are left to die through starvation and torture in orphanages all over China. These are effectively deaths camps, and is a great human tragedy happening right now. The recent incident in Australia conveys the culture is still active, even outside China’s shores. The father clearly with personal issues of his own has shed away the burden of his little daughter ‘Pumpkin’, something that may not have occurred if she was male. The only hope left is that Pumpkin’s story ends happily. The dying rooms in China need to be addressed as no human deserves such atrocious treatment.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Howards Economic Facts

Despite the federal governments spiel on there good economic management, the facts are on the contrary. An amazing statistic exists that certainly does not get published by Howard government that often. That statistic is the 59 billion dollar current account deficit, the 3rd worst in the world. Australia's net foreign debt is 544 billion dollars. The issue is Australia's imports outweigh exports a negative situation to be in. Australia is also heading for a real estate bubble, with housing affordability barely applicable for many young Australians. The impact of higher petrol prices, growing inflation and rising interest rates shows the Howard governments apparent good economic managements is a farce. Howard constantly attempts to educate Australians on the past Labour governments bad economic management, the biggest lie of our time.

The Hawk and Keating governments floated the Australian dollar, deregulated the financial system, and put strong focus on relations and trade with Asians nations such as China. These steps put in motion the economic development and growth the Howard government has capitalised on, and wrongly took full credit for. The fact is the Howard government just enjoyed the ride.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

APEC Protests Redundant

APEC begins this week in Australia with all the worlds major powers including the U.S convene to discuss the word at large. These events of course attract thousands of protesters. Protesters usually include those people who look unwashed, adorn dread locks and adhere to needles violence. It is clear large protest full of dirty hippies protesting for the sake of protesting is not achieving anything. The media and the public do not gain awareness of there cause, the only awareness they receive is that of radical protesters, protesting for the enjoyment of causing havoc.

If protesting organisations really want to make an impact, and gain awareness to there cause, it is clear different measures need to be taken. Instead of the now redundant large scale protest, direct energies into mainstream advertising on Television, News Papers, and the internet. The protesters attending this weeks APEC meeting in Sydney I can only hope behave respectfully, or otherwise receive the full force of the police.

I am not much of a supporter of Howard or Bush, however large scale sometime violent protest just don't work.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Andrew Bolt Jargon

If you are looking for intelligent and open minded opinions you won’t find with right-wingers. I find it amusing that News Ltd leading columnist Andrew Bolt, who recently accused ABC of Bias activities, is surely calling the kettle black. A columnist who works for News Ltd, the owner of the infamous propaganda machine Fox News, should not accuse others of what his own organisations practices effortlessly. Conservative dribble on what they perceive as intelligent discussion and are constantly stubborn and ignorant. The Liberals in Australia and the Republicans in the U.S find there arguments are proven wrong time and time again. Media organisations that operate in a moderate manner will always be accused of being prejudice by both sides of the political spectrum; this in effect gives them balance. Media organisations such as News Ltd who have long practice bias conservative reporting must change with the times, something that is slowly evolving. Andrew Bolt's daily dribble should be considered by all as following ideological path, and not the truth or intelligence. Do not criticise the ABC Mr. Bolt if your not willing to admit to your own organisations faults.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter and The Cursed Cinemas

I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at a local Hoyt’s Cinema, and half way through the film a voice announced over the PA “Please Evacuate the theater, this area is unsecured”.

I was not sure if it was within the movie or a real announcement. Eventually all 13 something cinemas were evacuated because of one stupid bozo who decided to light a cigarette in one of the Cinemas. We continued with the movie missing only a few minutes.

My Harry Potter story does not end there, as I went to see it again at IMAX. The last 20 minutes was in 3D, and just before it switched over to 3D the screen went black with the audio still running. The movie stopped for 15 minutes, and then the visual came on without the audio. Thankfully the film continued so we could all view the ending in 3D. I think my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix experience is CURSED!

American Stimulas In Iraq

America existence in Iraq motivates terrorism, not being in Iraq removes the stimulus to terrorize. I believe if the coalition forces leave Iraq, many terrorist and extremist will leave as well. I know there are civil issues, however many terrorist are in Iraq to attack American interests. If the U.S leaves, many extremist will have no reason to stay. If America remains terrorist numbers will grow. This has been proved by all U.S government agencies including the CIA & DOD. I am certainly not going to say that all extremist or terrorist will leave, but many will. The withdrawal of U.S forces will reduce the amount of violence; it will certainly help remove the stimulus for people to become an extremist terrorist.

President Bush and his war have literally created the enemy. Certainly in terms of normal Iraqi people who transformed in to extremist because of the U.S occupation.

Islamic extremist (terrorism) didn’t exist in Iraq before the U.S Invaded; however America's actions caused it to grow. Iraq certainly had no Al Qaeda terrorist organisation to contend with under Sadam. That is fact we must all remember.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pash Ya Later Pasha Bulker

Australia’s unusual love affair with the mighty Pasha Bulker is coming to an end. The 40,000 ton bright red freight ship has finally been moved off New Castles Nobby’s beach and out to see. For more then 20 days the ship has captured Australia’s attention with thousands of tourist flocking to Nobby’s beach to see the mundane ship now turned star of the seas. The difficult unearthing of the frigate is now done and the overexposed media attention begins to wine down. I am however sure that the Pasha Bulker will forever be remembered as the big red ship that invaded Aussies shores, obtained the nations admiration, and subsequently entered Australian pop culture forever.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Prince William Governor-General of Australia?

In a new book "The Diana Chronicles" by Tina Brown, reveals Prince Williams desire to obtain the vice regal job of governor-general of Australia. A position his father Prince Charles was denied in the 80's by the Hawk government. Prime Minister John Howard has stated in response to Williams G-G aspirations that his government would never allow William to hold the post. Opposition leader Kevin Rudd also stated the British Royals should remain where they belong, in Britain. I find it hypocritical of John Howard to desire an Australian governor-general a effectively an acting head of state, however fully supporting the current constitutional monarchy with the Queen as the official head of state.

If John Howard wants an Australian as a governor-general, should he not desire Australia to become a republic?

I personally find nothing wrong with Prince William as the governor-general of Australia, for one he is second in line to the throne and the future king of Australia. The G-G role will become more notable and well known, and I really don’t think Australians would mind.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PM John Howard To Meet Dalai Lama

John Howard has a habit of bowing down to foreign powers more notably Indonesia. It is a surprise the prime minister has decided to show some strength and independence by shrugging off China wishes, and deciding to meet the Dalai Lama. Australia should show more independence in the world, by not constantly adhering to the wishes of the U.S, Indonesia, and China.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

11 people Die In Train Crash

At least 11 people are dead, dozens more are injured and a series of inquiries have been launched after today's horrific collision between a semi-trailer and a train at a level crossing in central Victoria.

In the state's worst rail disaster in more than six decades, the truck slammed into a three-carriage passenger train six kilometres north of Kerang about 1.40pm.

The force of the collision ripped the train's second carriage open down one side and separated the third carriage from the rest of the train.

"It's total devastation," said acting Inspector Michael Talbot of the major collision investigation unit. "There's been seats pulled off rails and cut off. The side and the roof have been destroyed. There's jagged metal everywhere."

Eight people were initially confirmed dead and another died later in hospital. But tonight the death toll rose to 11 when police and emergency services personnel using spotlights discovered another two bodies in the wreckage.

Authorities feared the toll could rise further, with more than 10 people still unaccounted for and investigators continuing to search the wreckage.

Reports from The Age A very tragic event for the state of Victoria and Australia. The stories of human carnage is very disturbing. People who were doing something simple as traveling on a train, to be caught in this disaster is very sad indeed. Sympathies go out to all victims involved.

Friday, May 25, 2007

La Nina To End Drought

The drought could be coming to a halt with the predicted oncoming weather pattern La Nina, a sister to the drought ravaging El Nino. The southern states can finally look forward to wetter winter, replenishing much needed water catchments and irrigator supplies. Large masses of cooler water have been discovered along the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean around the area near the equator, forming what is hoped much rain in many parts of Australia.
La Nina will cause condition is the U.S similar to that of the conditions Australia received from El Nino, warmer and drier conditions for southern California, and increased hurricane activity in the American southern states
It is however very good news for Australia.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Car Disputes Fence on Hill

I was heading off to University one late morning when I learnt my housemate’s car was parked behind my car. Looking around the house she was no where to be seen, I contacted her mobile only to hear it ring beside me. The situation couldn’t get more annoying as she had gone for run, however luckily for me the clouds were rolling in. Magically I was making the clouds produce rain to rein her back home. Calling her name my other housemate woke up, and subsequently he decided to roll her car down the driveway which was on a slight hill. You may think why didn’t they just reverse the car down normally, well the thing is both of us never learnt to drive a manual (stick drive). Yes I know it’s pathetic. While rolling the car down the driveway, my housemate for some reason steered the car to close to the left heading right towards the fence. “Stop Stop” I yelled. “Why the bloody hell are you steering to the left”. He tried again but the car slid right into the fence. “Stop for god sake, what you doing”. The rain began pelting down, which I began to worry that she will arrive home any moment to witness this very awkward moment. He then turned the car on, put it in a gear he thought was forward and bang, scrapes and scratched into the fence twisting the side mirror around. “F%$# man, were screwed”. We attempted to push a full size car up the hill, bugger me the weight was enormous. He got out leaving the full weight to me while somehow I scrounged up some superhuman strength to held the car on the hill “Put the hand break on, put it on quick” I finally got in the driver seat, put it into gear, and at last the car went forward and I parked it the same spot previously. Miraculously the car was undamaged without a scratch. Shaking and laughing we went inside the house like nothing happened. A few minutes later my housemate arrived home due to the rain, and she gladly moved her car. She may have found it weird when starting her car that it decided to go in reverse.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Howard’s Industrial Relations Laws Bad for Australia

The Howard governments Workchoices under the new Industrial Relation laws are a disaster for Australia. The laws which reduce normal reward conditions from 20 to 5, laws that allow employers to sack employees without notice or reason, and laws that reduce wages and job security with employee contracts known as A.W.A (Australian Workplace Agreement). The laws have been enacted to please the corporate and business Australia, leaving behind the hard working Australians that make up the Australian economy. Supporters for the IR changes say it is for the good of Australian workers and the growth of businesses. The laws may create more jobs, but those jobs will entail below average wages for new and current employees. Australians in this ever expanding expensive world will end up with less money to survive, while the rich get richer on the back of these Howard government IR laws. Workchoices now re-branded due to overwhelming public disapproval, will stretch the divide between rich and poor like never before. The Howard government must be ousted at the next election, for the good of Australia and her people’s future.