Sunday, November 21, 2004

Cliche' Idols

To me there are only two types of recording artist, reality TV winners and what I would call true artist, musicians that work from scratch. Even though people who do win on reality TV programs such as Australian Idol or American Idol might become successful, they will always be stuck with a tacky cliche' stigma. The publics psyche always has this in mind, and they become inferior to musician who did not use reality TV as the basis of there success. But mind you, having such instance success would gratify and please any one. Who wouldn't want to be famous?


Ash The Aussie said...

Adding on to the Idol theme, Guy Sebastian the first Australian winner, seems to feel superior to his fellow Australian musicians. I think he feels if he records in America and uses American musicians, he is somehow apart of the American music industry, like some sort of fake success. This also goes for other famous Australian artist, rejecting Australia’s musical resources, for the prestigious image of the American product.

Anonymous said...

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