Thursday, November 18, 2004

Real Australia

Australia is a country that the rest of the world has no real sense of what this country is. The view of Australia is one of a primitive nature and disconnected from the world. This is very untrue, as anyone who knows and lives in Australia will know, that there is no better country then Australia. Americans might dislike this, but its true. People would rather live in Australia then America by far, I know I would. By the looks of America, it is not very appetising. After the re-election of president George W bush, there has been increase of people applying for visas in other countries.


vegemiterules said...

G"day Bill, strewth mate, what's happening? Give it time mate, people will eventually come on line and leat say G'Day Mate!!!!!!

vegemiterules said...

Bill, we do live in the "best" country in the world. Even though from the outside "aussies" are perceived (sometimes) as being ragamuffins, larrigans, yahoos, whatever, we are laid back, stoic, welcoming, friendly and above all NON JUDGEMENTAL!!!!!!!

Ash The Aussie said...

Mmm...It all depends on the representation of our culture.