Saturday, December 04, 2004


I am interested in any one who passes by my blogg, to comment on their view of Australia. I want to find out how Australia is represented to you! I want to find out how Australia, the land "down under" is represented around the world, if people see it as cliché, or as it is, the best county in the world. So leave your comments!!!


Anonymous said...

Portland, Oregon, USA here. I think that we think about Aussies about the way you think of us. Well, that is before we came to be ruled by a shrub. Many of us are not bad. A huge part of this country does not support the insanity you see in your papers.

I have always thought of Austrailia as a whole continent rather like Texas. It that how it is?

I have traveled all over the world, but not Austrailia. It just seems to much like here and I am a culture shock junkie.

Ash The Aussie said...

This is very true, as in some parts of Australia; our culture is becoming very Americanised. But on the other hand we do have our own distinct culture, you just have to travel outside the major cities to find it. Small towns and the outback of Australia, is where you would find the true Aussie culture. We have a big land, with many diverse people.

Anonymous said...

Perth, West. Australia, here.
Yes, I am Australian, but I'd still like to say that Australia is the best damn country in the world. To quote a friend:

Best bird in the world: Australian Magpie
Best plant in the world: Wattle
Best tree in the world: Eucalypts (all the types!)
Best spread in the world: Vegemite

I feel the same way ^_^