Tuesday, December 07, 2004


The current Australian government are so imperialistic in their ways, so silent in their dealings that it makes me so angry. They have an aura of an arrogant nature, and over confidents that transcends into they’re governing. Australians voted the Howard government back into power, because of Australias good economy, which I might ad will not stay in such a good condition for ever. The lies that the Howard government told the Australian people over time, and are still telling bewilders me in why Australia as a nation believes in such lies. We know from previous occasions, that Prime-Minster John Howard and his government mislead our nation time and time again, and have been proven to do so. Why do we vote such conniving people back in to power, why do we vote for a government that has no hesitation in lying to its nation. Through there misleading and almost propagandas ways, the Howard government have become so over powering in the controlling of this nation, that they have complete control of the upper house and the lower house in the Australian government. The speaker of the house who controls the parliament and keeps it in order, and which I may ad is a member of the Howard government, silences any opposition that may arise in parliament, and protects any negative and unwanted questioning being appointed to the government by the oppisition. My fellow Aussies need to be afraid, very afraid!

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