Tuesday, December 28, 2004


The issue of suicide is a very serious one. People who suffer under deep depression, and kill them selves is very tragic indeed. But how do you distinguish between people who are actually depressed and a suicide risk, to those who use death as away of attention. I know a few people who talk about or infer upon people of issues such as suicide, death, and depression. I know one friend who seems to use as it away of getting attention, and as away of expressing him self. This person has a fixation with depression and death, by listening to bands that have these issues in there music. Also he uses these themes in his artwork, and when writing storeys. This person once said his hero was Kirk Cobian because he killed him self. This person makes me very angry, as I want to say get over your self, stop making up facts about your self that are not true. I am sure there are many people such as this person who act in the same way, to get attention or even satisfaction from depression. But I know this problem is nothing compared to the actual depression of people who commit suicide. Every case of depression needs to be dealt with, even the attention seekers.

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