Friday, December 24, 2004

Over The Top Christians

The Christian faith such as the 'born again' and angelical churches, can sometimes seem a little crazy and over the top. They raise their hands in the air, cry their hearts out, faint on the ground and talk in tongues. To me it can be quite amusing, and sometimes I feel very uncomfortable when watching these events. I went to a born again Christian church once upon time with a friend who attended the church. Without me even noticing or conceiving what was happening, they were converting me into a born again Christian out of nowhere. I just politely went along with it and never returned to the church again. They were almost cult like in their ways, with their speaking in tongues and people collapsing on the floor. I was totally freaked out. I think God will be looking down on them in amusement, saying go home, relax, live life!

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