Sunday, December 05, 2004

...The Queens Neglect...

I have come to thinking, that the head of state of Australia, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t really worried about Australia, and does not seem to have any interest in it. I might be wrong, but I very much doubt it. This is my perception as an Aussie viewing the monarch 1000s of kilometres away. Australia recently had a referendum deciding if Australia would become a republic, as a nation we said no. A few years on now and the arguments are starting up once more, and I am having conflicting ideas on the issue. Sometimes I think yes we should have a President of Australia, and other times I think no, stick with the old commonwealth system. I mean it would be like your own mother giving birth to you, you growing up to be old and mature, and then you decide to kick your mother out, so you could be independent. But on the other hand, you mother lives thousands of kilometres away, and only visits every 10 years, and she hasn’t been living in her house any way. So why not claim it as your own, and be independent. I may never come to a fixed decision on who should be the head of state. But right now, I think a true blue Aussie should be the head of this great country!

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