Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I feel the world’s media celebrates a little to much when a disaster occurs, such as the Tsunamis. In there own way I can see they are happy if what is occurring. They ask questions like, 'do you think we could have a tsunami here, if so when?' It is almost like they wish for another disaster to occur, so they can have the next big news storey. This is also the case when terrorist attacks occur. But i suppose it is a job that needs bad news storeys for them to survive. This also goes for funeral homes that need people to die, Panel beaters that need cars to crash, and doctors need that people to be sick. All these jobs thrive on human tragedy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not saying we shouldnt donate but ... I wonder how long before the money we donate starts coming back as bullets or bomb schrapnel in the backs of troops and tourists ? It may be two or three years but it will happen again. If you look at the history of these types of events it invariably does come back at the countries which give support.

Colin Powell was correct when he said that "not only should we look at the amount of aid but be active in the process which decides how it is spent".

The lefties of the world will read that as a ... okay - now whats in it for me - kind of statement. The lefties will be the first to complain when troops and tourists cop it again.

Oh and yes I gave $50 up front .... and have arranged monthly deductions of $25 from my salary.