Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Happy World, A Sadder People

The world is a happy place, but humans are the saddest of all. We are so sensitive, even the slightest attack upon our body and personality will damage us forever. So sensitive are we that the slightest positive comment will also bring us to a state of euphoria. Long this will not last, as we have a tendency to withdraw ourselves back to the moments that make us feel depressed and worthless. It takes 100 positive situations to over come one single negative moment. As humans we aspire to be wanted, but most of all loved. It is a constant psychological struggle to achieve this; the journey is made more difficult as we focus on the bad and not on the goodness around us. The good is what matters, the bad is unnecessary and worthless. However it is the bad which drives us to forgot about the goodness of what matters most, it attempts to drain us all of the good we are attached to and love. A sadder world will exist, for those who feed only on happiness.

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