Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Asylum Seekers Remain On Land

Here are some comments of mine that were published on news.com.au, regarding the new now withdrawn asylum seeker laws. This law had nothing to do with the protection of the Australian people, and don't be fooled into thinking so. An asylum seeker who has a mischievous background will still be processed under the same controlled condition on the mainland, as they would off shore. Do not let the government play on your terrorism fears, just to obtain approval for legislations aimed at pleasing Indonesia. Most, who oppose this bill, did not do so for humanitarian concerns, I mean detention camps are detention camps. A valid point for sending asylum seekers offshore is so they cannot obtain taxpayer funded court appeals to remain in Australia, however we need to know what was the main factor for the creation of this bill? The main factor I think was to please and therefore prevent tensions with Indonesia, a factor that made this bill weak. This outweighed any positive aspect to the bill, in which lead people like me to disagree with legislation that defied our sovereignty and our basic principles.

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Looks like your site made it on some black hatter's list of targets, better increase security.
Please allow me to be spontaneous and post random stuff and quotes. I mean no harm.
I just read another article about this topic, and yours seems to be a lot more to the point. However, their article appears on #1 spot, and your is on the bottom. Why?
I was once trying to write jokes, and it didn't turn out too well. I'm not the brightest lightbulb, and I live with my mom.

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