Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Australian Governments Conspiracy To Prevent Schapelle Corby's Freedom

Schapelle Corby is locked away in an Indonesian Bali Jail for 20 years, for a crime we now know she hasn’t committed. That crime of course was the importation of 3.5 kg of marijuana, drugs which Corby claims were put in her bag by someone tampering with her luggage. It has been reported that airport staff have been caught tampering with people bags and inserting drugs such heroin. Airport workers have also been sacked for varies other offensive to do with baggage tampering. Recently a woman returning from a holiday, stopped over in Singapore, on her return to Australia she notified the authorities that her bags have been tampered with, and consequently her bags contained traces of drugs. This is a clear case of luggage tampering. Schapelle Corby’s luggage went through two Australian airports on her way to Bali, situated in Brisbane and Sydney, and no drugs were discovered. During this process the drugs were planted in her bags. The footage of this would have proved it. The Bali court recently gave Corby’s legal team the right to access footage from the airports surveillance archives. The Australian government however is determined to see the footage kept out of the hands of Corby’s legal team, even calling access to the footage as irrelevant and pointless. Qantas formally owned by the government, has come out and said the footage is no longer available. What has the government got to hide? Why don’t they want Schapelle free? My guess is that the scared and weak Australian government is appeasing the Indonesian government once again. The practice of deliberately halting access to this footage, the Australian government is destroying a young girls life.

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