Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Let Your Wind Be Free

(Warning not for the squeamish) Don't you hate when you use the loo of any public toilet, and you find that someone is sitting on the throne right next to you. Your freedom of doing the job is taken away in swift or should say woof of the person next door. Instead of going gung-ho, you attempt to achieve your business using all your muscles you can, to try and eliminate any noises or outrages sounds. At the same time you seem to wish they other person next door who is suffering under the same conditions, does what your doing and attempts to defuse any sounds and noises. If they don't you know you’re in for a cracking time trying to stay calm without laughing. Don’t you think it will be easier for all of us, if we only allow our selves to let go with out any shame? A poem my mum had told me, which was past down to her from her mother. "Where ever you maybe, let your wind be free"

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