Monday, August 28, 2006

The World Of Me...Pfft

I decided to post something more to do with yours truly, rather then about the big wide world around us. Lets begin the happenings of today. I woke up today at 7.30, the same time I get up everyday, yet it is still a hassle. I get in such a fluster attempting to find clothes and toiletries, once that’s done I run across the hallway to the bathroom. I live in a University Residence College, so a quick dash into the shower half naked, can be quit an interesting adventure. I made it to class after breakfast at 8.30, I waited 15 minute for it to start. I Then began the tedious task of math problems. The end of class was eventful indeed, an over zealous rich soccer player gave me a bit of badmouth and threatened to fight. When leaving class he seemed to have disappeared, yes all talk and no action kind of bloke. This dude never turns up to class, is clearly failing, and he takes out his issue on people he sees fit. Sad really. Right now I am attempting to study, however my procrastination is extreme, and writing a blog is way more important, watching TV comes in second. Pfft I hate writing about personal day to day life, I find it boring to read and boring to write. But hey it’s something to do. Now to the issues of the world…

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