Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Behind The Canvas Bag

Last night I decided to do some washing, I must say it was a bit over due. So I gathered all my clothes from around my college residence room, including the ones on my back and packed them into my suitcase. Put on some old clothes and trudged down stairs to begin the exciting task of doing my laundry. Whilst I was pulling my wet clothes from the washing machine and into the dryer, I dropped a sock on the ground, bent down, and grabbed it. Heaven to Betsy that was a bad move, my old denim shorts completely ripped exposing my bare arse, because yes all my underwear were in the dryer. I crabbed a green canvas bag, put something it, and put my hands around my lower back with the canvas bag covering my ass. I walked to lift, and shockingly 4 people were waiting to get in, I said ' gee this lift is taking to long' looking like a fool. I dashed all the way up stairs with the canvas bag covering my butt, and sprinted to my room. Thankyou Canvas Bag, Your My Hero!!!!

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