Monday, March 26, 2007

To Be Vilified, To be Outraged, To Be Jew

I’ve decided its time to touch on a taboo. I am no racist or prejudicial person, but I do like to point out wrongs in society when I see them occur. I have noticed over the years that one group of people seem to be over sensitive on how society treats them. I am talking of the people of the Jewish religion. I would like to state that what happened to the Jews during the Second World War was atrocious and one of the saddest periods in human history, and nothing like that should ever be forgotten. That period of atrocities is not the only period of terrible events to happen in our short human history. Atrocities have occurred in countries such as Cambodia, Africa, and Russia. The difference is the people involved do not milk there bad situation for attention, personal gain or to make the world feel sorry for them. It is also disconcerting when anyone dislikes or denouncing something to do with the Jewish nation of Israel; it is labeled ant-Semitic An interesting note is Semite people come from Arab speaking people who are Jewish, Muslim, and other. The Jewish people are the only people who use this phrase. Israel and the Jewish people cry with outrage over negative comments more then any other nation or religion in the world. This as unfair to the rest the world community, who are too often vilified for comments, where attributed to other religions or nations no outraged would eventuate. I agree that ridiculous reactions of anger have also occurred from Muslims in some Islamic nations, but more frequent are the ridiculous reactions from the Jews, especially in America. Any comments? Am I being an anti-Semite?

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