Thursday, April 05, 2007

15 British Soldiers Freed

Congrats to the Brits, they must be applauded for there success in this situation. Foolish governments like America or Israel would have started WW3 already and killed many innocent lives if they were in such situation.

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carlo said...

I can't believe the press is glorifying these 15 losers and the British govt.

Their account of the 'psychological torture' they went through must be slap in the face to soldiers who have actually sacrificed something real for their country. Check it out. They say they were kept in isolation, the Iranian guards did not speak English (did I really hear this in the news!?!), they were strip-searched (weren't they prisoners?). How REAL are these complaints. It sounds like my old school! And what do they do? Just as their own govt. is saying that these 15 had never trespassed, they are signing confessions to the contrary! Surely the 'psychological torture' was too much. I was under the impression a soldier stood up for his/her country, not his/her comfort. To add insult to injury, they are then seen gleefully shaking hands with the Iranian president as the British govt. is in open confrontation with that nation! In any other time or nation, these guys would probably be dishonorably discharged from the army. Either that or they should be tried for treason. No less.

But the spinelessness doesn't stop there. You have to wonder about a govt. that then allows/encourages these 15 to SELL their stories. Even if this decision was later taken back, the damage is clear: throw them some cash so that they can vilify the Iranians, exaggerate their stories. And then Blair calls the Iranian govt. corrupt! Go figure. Of course, the cash offer is taken up by at least one of the soldiers (the others didn't wake up on time, apparently). Now that's ethics, my friend.

I'm not a army person but I have admired soldiers that have shown valor and principled behavior. There are sung and unsung heroes out there. However, these 15 are an utter disgrace. And so is the press. If these guys are unredeemable, imagine a press that holds them up as examples. What a great place our Britain has become.