Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big Brother Uncut & Shutdown

Big Brother has conceded to the prudes of Australia. The reaction of conservatives around Australia during the BB06 was absurd. The media took the bait, spread the conservative tripe and on the controversy went to Australian federal parliament. The fear mongering was unleashed, and the children card was put into the arena. The old “think of the children” dribble was initiated in public debate, and Big Brother folded under pressure. Conceding to the prudes of Australia the Big Brother format no longer consist of controversial program Big Brother Uncut. It now obtains over zealous censoring, prim and proper house mates who are undiversified in selection. Big Brother who started its 7th series on Sunday on Channel Ten to lower then expected audiences, surprised many to the somewhat unsurprising format to the apparently new and improved Big Brother. Big Brother have not only not created anything new, but cut back on the original Brother Format. Big Brother will need to improve, otherwise no one will be watching.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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