Sunday, April 29, 2007

Emo World - A Pathetic Subculture

Emo’s short for emotionals, the ever growing teenage subculture are starting to come under some increased public coverage. Recently in Australia two young girls aligned with the Emo subculture, took there lives in a suicide pact. The Girls who had introverted personalities lived there social lives on the internet using Myspace to communicate. A place to chat and discuss feelings with other troubled Emo’s. The questions have to be asked why such a culture exists, and are the values created within this teenage subculture real or just followed by people for the sake of it. Aligning one self with Emoism seems to detached members from reality. Emo’s conform them selves into hating there parents, hating the world and feeling alone. Pathetic are the people who desire to follows these values for no reason but to do so for the pleasure of being apart of the Emo fad. In a desire to become individual, emoism has caused members to be insignificant, apart of the crowd. It almost defeats the purpose. I think the Emo movement should change direction, where the only emotion practiced is trying to be happy. Emo’s could begin to like themselves, love there parents, and love the world they live in. It would certainly make a pathetic teenage subculture well, less pathetic.


Jamie Liu said...

Interesting analysis. I guess subculture is created by values shared by a group of people. They are the core of a subculture. The rest just follow because their minds aren't strong enough to detach from the core's influence.

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