Monday, April 16, 2007

Global Warming Solution - Harvest Icebergs

Australia is experiencing its worst drought in history, and water resources are disappearing fast. Global warming is having a detrimental effect on Australia and the world with a quick fix solution few and far between. I have an idea to use the effects of global warming for the benefit of nations in drought, and countries experiencing the threat of rising sea waters due to the melting of polar ice caps. What we need to do is harvest in some manner the ice caps in Antarctica and other areas that may be prone to melting. Massive ships process the ice, and bring back to countries like Australia to replenish dwindling water supplies. It solves the drought issue and the flooding issue it’s all just too easy, well sort of. We could harvest the ice, or we could all just turn off the lights, lock up our cars and wait for the climate to change and the rain to fall. Raindance anyone?

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