Thursday, April 19, 2007

Myspace Popularity Today & Tomorrow

Neely Ohara is a part of the world of myspace. A world of intertwined people networks, where connections to new friends abroad and close to home increasingly thrive and grow. The number of members joined to the News Corp owned myspace internet site has skyrocketed into the hundreds of millions. Just about every person on earth and there dog have a myspace profile, securing it self nicely within our modern pop culture.
Neely Ohara with her now 3000 plus friends, enjoys the feeling she obtains from the community and the appreciation from her personal myspace empire. Neely, a self confessed internet junky joined myspace back in 2003 at time when myspace was not so entrenched in popular culture. Neely and her loyal followers of internet friends have made Neely somewhat of an internet celebrity, and within her local community she experiences people noticing her from her myspace profile. Neely admittedly an introvert expresses her self more greatly through the myspace virtual world, then in her real life social situations.
You have to wonder though, are myspace friends really friends. The ratio of real life friends, and people that are added randomly would fall on the side of the latter.
Myspace with an increased popularity over the last two years has had the novelty wear off for many who used to use the site frequently. Is the myspace revolution coming to the end?
Why do people use myspace, will you keep using myspace?

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