Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Zealand A State Of Australia?

Living in peace side by side for a few hundred years, Australia and New Zealand are two nations culturally and physically similar. A Kiwi traveling the world could be easily mistaken for an Aussie and vice versa. There was a time in the early days of colonization and the federation where New Zealand could have joined the great land mass across the Tasman Sea as a state of Australia. Clearly that did not occur, and NZ has matured into a quaint successful country. Recently an Australian federal parliamentary committee had discussion on the unification of the two nations economically and geographically, whilst remaining sovereign nations, similar to the European Union. The Anzac Union, with an Anzac currency, would be great for the economy of the two nations, increases its stance in the world. Even more optimistic would envision a Pacific Union, including NZ and other nations of the region. Should New Zealand join Australia in some form or another?

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