Tuesday, April 03, 2007

News Media To Howards Rescue

The Australian government and its Prime Minister John Howard are drastically behind in the polls, and unfortunately for them the election is just around the corner. The opposition leader Kevin Rudd is storming ahead in the polls, both in party and the Prime Minister preferred stakes. I have noticed as the election draws near and the opposition increases there poll numbers, the usual conservative media organization produces bias news in favour of the Howard government. This is more evident in the news site that I actually frequent many times, a website apart of the right wing company News Ltd, News.com.au. News stories slanted In favour of the conservative Liberal party will increase even more as the election moves closer, by news organisations such as News.com.au, Heralds sun, other news Ltd papers, Channel Nine, and SKY News Australia. People just have to be wary to state the obvious, do not believe what the media tells you.

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