Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Secret a Crackpot Scam Worth Millions

"The Secret" is a commercial philosophy spreading through out the world, earning millions of dollars for its spruikers. The Secret now manifested in DVDs, books, and CDs has earned its Australian creater Rhonda Byrne 45 million dollars. "The Secret" is about the law of attraction, which is positively thinking about something you want, and then getting it. Look at new car, and you will get it, want a million dollars no worries it is all yours. "The Secret" is conveying a message of doing nothing to receive a lot. You do not have to buy “The Secret” merchandise and pay through the nose for some wacko to present a seminar. This philosophical theory behind the secret can be found in many other areas, including age old text book motivational theory, and various psychological theories. Don’t be fooled in to spending hard earned cash on a crackpot fad, even if Oprah and the mainstream media is catching on to this nonsense jibber jabber. I will give you a free lowdown on “the secret” right now, just think specifically and positively about your life and you are on your way to success. I just saved you hundreds of dollars.