Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sylvester Stallone & Snoop Dog Customs Trouble

Sylvester Stallone has pleaded guilty to importing a controlled substance at court hearing in Sydney today. My Rocky Balboa was stopped by Australian custom officials at the Sydney airport, and subsequently had his hotel room and Jet raided. Custom officials found 48 vials of a banned human growth hormone amongst Stallones possessions. At the time Stallone was on his world wide Rock Balboa film promotion tour, and surprisingly custom officials let the Hollywood star into the country to promote his film after his arrest. A stark contrast to a month ago, when Snoop Dog the infamous U.S rapper was stopped and banned by Australian officials from entering Australia. Immigration Minister Kevin Andrew said the ban was initiated due to Snoops prior history and association with a Los Angeles gang known for criminal activities. Snoop Dog was intending to attend the Australian 2007 MTV awards. So it amazes me why Sylvester Stallone was allowed to continue on with his promotional activities just after being caught with suspicious substances and Snoop Dog who had entered the country previously was prevented from carry out his business in Australia. There seems to be some discrepancy within the Australian customs in who they allow in and who they don’t. It is clear celebrities do not deserve special treatment in these cases, however it seems Mr Stallone received just that.


Anonymous said...

whatever I still Fu#%ing love Rocky!!!... he kicks A$$ http://maplejuice.com/2007/05/14/sylvester-stallone-fined-for-bringing-drugs-into-sydney.aspx

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