Saturday, June 30, 2007

Prince William Governor-General of Australia?

In a new book "The Diana Chronicles" by Tina Brown, reveals Prince Williams desire to obtain the vice regal job of governor-general of Australia. A position his father Prince Charles was denied in the 80's by the Hawk government. Prime Minister John Howard has stated in response to Williams G-G aspirations that his government would never allow William to hold the post. Opposition leader Kevin Rudd also stated the British Royals should remain where they belong, in Britain. I find it hypocritical of John Howard to desire an Australian governor-general a effectively an acting head of state, however fully supporting the current constitutional monarchy with the Queen as the official head of state.

If John Howard wants an Australian as a governor-general, should he not desire Australia to become a republic?

I personally find nothing wrong with Prince William as the governor-general of Australia, for one he is second in line to the throne and the future king of Australia. The G-G role will become more notable and well known, and I really don’t think Australians would mind.

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