Thursday, July 19, 2007

American Stimulas In Iraq

America existence in Iraq motivates terrorism, not being in Iraq removes the stimulus to terrorize. I believe if the coalition forces leave Iraq, many terrorist and extremist will leave as well. I know there are civil issues, however many terrorist are in Iraq to attack American interests. If the U.S leaves, many extremist will have no reason to stay. If America remains terrorist numbers will grow. This has been proved by all U.S government agencies including the CIA & DOD. I am certainly not going to say that all extremist or terrorist will leave, but many will. The withdrawal of U.S forces will reduce the amount of violence; it will certainly help remove the stimulus for people to become an extremist terrorist.

President Bush and his war have literally created the enemy. Certainly in terms of normal Iraqi people who transformed in to extremist because of the U.S occupation.

Islamic extremist (terrorism) didn’t exist in Iraq before the U.S Invaded; however America's actions caused it to grow. Iraq certainly had no Al Qaeda terrorist organisation to contend with under Sadam. That is fact we must all remember.


Anonymous said...

Upon reading this post I thought you were probably just being oversimplistic in your assessment of Iraq, but your last paragraph proved to me that you are off your rocker as far as Islamic terrorism is concerned.

Islamic extremism has been around for about as long as Islam has been around, just like any other extremist group.

Ash The Aussie said...

What I was trying to get across in the last paragraph, was the fact that Al Qaeda did not exist in Iraq before the U.S invaded.

The sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni’s is a conflict in it self. The conflict between Al Qaeda and the US and the violence that stems from that would be diminished if the U.S withdrawal forces. The apparent Iranian element of supplying arms and support to Shia insurgents to further the instability of Iraq would also be diminished if U.S forces withdraw.

America has done all it can to help or hinder Iraq. Iraq now needs to take car of its own sectarian conflicts, without the current hindrance of the U.S forces.

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