Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter and The Cursed Cinemas

I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at a local Hoyt’s Cinema, and half way through the film a voice announced over the PA “Please Evacuate the theater, this area is unsecured”.

I was not sure if it was within the movie or a real announcement. Eventually all 13 something cinemas were evacuated because of one stupid bozo who decided to light a cigarette in one of the Cinemas. We continued with the movie missing only a few minutes.

My Harry Potter story does not end there, as I went to see it again at IMAX. The last 20 minutes was in 3D, and just before it switched over to 3D the screen went black with the audio still running. The movie stopped for 15 minutes, and then the visual came on without the audio. Thankfully the film continued so we could all view the ending in 3D. I think my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix experience is CURSED!


Scott Ryan said...

i actually didnt like the movie

Ash The Aussie said...

I agree Scott, It could have been better. The shortest movie and the longest book would bound to make some people not like it.

rama said...

Good decision Ash, you watch the part that you missed. Harry Porter is interesting movie

franky said...

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