Friday, August 31, 2007

Andrew Bolt Jargon

If you are looking for intelligent and open minded opinions you won’t find with right-wingers. I find it amusing that News Ltd leading columnist Andrew Bolt, who recently accused ABC of Bias activities, is surely calling the kettle black. A columnist who works for News Ltd, the owner of the infamous propaganda machine Fox News, should not accuse others of what his own organisations practices effortlessly. Conservative dribble on what they perceive as intelligent discussion and are constantly stubborn and ignorant. The Liberals in Australia and the Republicans in the U.S find there arguments are proven wrong time and time again. Media organisations that operate in a moderate manner will always be accused of being prejudice by both sides of the political spectrum; this in effect gives them balance. Media organisations such as News Ltd who have long practice bias conservative reporting must change with the times, something that is slowly evolving. Andrew Bolt's daily dribble should be considered by all as following ideological path, and not the truth or intelligence. Do not criticise the ABC Mr. Bolt if your not willing to admit to your own organisations faults.


Anonymous said...

Your argument here is spurious. "Don't call me a liberal if you won't admit to being a conservative" is an insufficient defense for biasing news.

I live in the US but I listen to ABC local radio online often. There is a segment wherein Tony Delroy (spelling?) speaks for 10-15 minutes with a US reporter about current events in the US. The reporter spews nothing but liberal propoganda. No wonder Australians have such a poor opinion of Americans.

Ash The Aussie said...

Australian does not have poor opinions of Americans, only the American government. There is a vast difference. My argument is clear; do not preach what you do not practice. I assume you think propaganda is George Bush being incompetent, the Iraq war failing, and terrorism is getting worse. I’m sorry my friend, do not get propaganda mixed up with the truth.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on the cliches, you represent every one of them in the ckeckbox! I know you're trying to be self righteous but you're not thinking enough. If is so biased against left wing perspectives, why do they lead with Tim Dunlop's humourless whinings most of the time on their homepage? They also have him as their leading political blogger in the opinion profiles.

Instead of calling someone stubborn and ignorant like a little child, why don't you give an example of their viewpoints and then try to dissect their arguments, like Andrew Bolt does?

What moderates and probably conservatives don't like about left wing opinion from the likes of yourself is that it's often caught up in baseless populist rantings of rhetoric, instead of providing actual arguments based on evidence or fact.


Ash The Aussie said...

I agree obtains moderate material, however the mother company is known for its right wing culture. is one of my favourite news sites; its feed is within my blog. I just wish to make it better.

I also want to state that I am neither right-wing nor left-wing but a centrist. I often get attacked by both sides.

franky said...

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