Sunday, September 02, 2007

APEC Protests Redundant

APEC begins this week in Australia with all the worlds major powers including the U.S convene to discuss the word at large. These events of course attract thousands of protesters. Protesters usually include those people who look unwashed, adorn dread locks and adhere to needles violence. It is clear large protest full of dirty hippies protesting for the sake of protesting is not achieving anything. The media and the public do not gain awareness of there cause, the only awareness they receive is that of radical protesters, protesting for the enjoyment of causing havoc.

If protesting organisations really want to make an impact, and gain awareness to there cause, it is clear different measures need to be taken. Instead of the now redundant large scale protest, direct energies into mainstream advertising on Television, News Papers, and the internet. The protesters attending this weeks APEC meeting in Sydney I can only hope behave respectfully, or otherwise receive the full force of the police.

I am not much of a supporter of Howard or Bush, however large scale sometime violent protest just don't work.


Anonymous said...

Your an idiot! It is clear you know nothing about APEC, the reasone for protesting it, activists themselves or anything more than your mainstream clueless thoughts. Your posting is nothing more than a clear indication that while people like you are still so ignorant to the goings on in the world we will still have leaders like John Howard representing our country. The main reason to protest APEC is to target those countries, including our own, which took part in and continue to carry out an illegal war in Iraq.

As for " unwashed, dread locked dirty hippies", posting any sort of reply to this bull s&^t statement is pointless. Your an idot and nothing more than part of the problem in our world.

Ash The Aussie said...

Well I am very much anti Howard, anti Bush. I believe the Iraq war is wrong, and global warming is one of the biggest issues of our time. I however think large scale protest no long work. I am a moderate, not left wing or a right wing zealot. A balance needs to be found in the middle of the jargon spewed by the extremes.

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