Monday, September 24, 2007

Iran Nuclear Right

America’s new boogieman is Iran; a nation that the Bush administration preaches is bound to kill us all. George Bush has set his sights on Iran claiming it is enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. This claim is of course rejected by Iran who says the enrichment program is for energy needs. The rhetoric from both sides is growing in emphasis and aggressiveness, and gaining in political hogwash. I find it astonishing that a superpower harbouring thousands upon thousands of nuclear weapons orders other nations to stop similar actions in the name of world peace. The U.S government, who clearly has grievances with their Iranian counterparts, does not help the situation by creating a threatening environment towards Iran. The U.S superpower at Iran’s doors has clearly drove them to protect their interest, a right all nations have. The Iraq quagmire firing away on there boarders has led Iran to protect their interests against old Sunni enemies, making relations with the U.S worsen. American aircraft carriers lie off the coast, thousands of troops ready for action, and American attacks on Iran seem imminent. The Iranian government has a clear right to harbour nuclear weapons, a right happily fulfilled by America. The U.S must practice what it preaches in nuclear disarmament, if it really wants a practical solutions with Iran.


Gerri said...

I love your last statment where you said "The U.S must practice what it preaches". I think that it is bull how the tell people across the world not to do A, B, C when they do it all.

Mr. Bush is a joker who needs to get his sh.. together.

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