Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let the Governor General Call the Election

Australia is getting more and more anxious on Prime Minister John Howard to call the election. The governments decline in the polls and no sign of improvement has lead John Howard to delay the election to the very last minute. Howard fully understands that the Liberal government will lose, and he is desperately dragging out his time in office. The Governor-General Michael Jeffery must use the reserve powers obtained by his office to halt Howard from taking the Australian people for a ride. The Governor-General has powers to dissolve the parliament, including for the election. Granted these powers a rarely carried out, however the constitution states the power is there if need be. The need to enact these executive powers has never been more evident. The Australian people just want the election to be over and the Prime Minister to stop playing games. I call on the Governor-General to do the right thing by the Australian people by dissolving the parliament for the election, as it is clear Prime Minister John Howard has no desire to do so.

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