Monday, October 15, 2007

Sky News The Liberal Choice

Prime Minister John Howard has stated he wants to do a one off televised debate at Parliament House in Canberra this Sunday. Kevin Rudd and Labour wish to do a number of debates through out the election campaign on various issues. I find it interesting that the Liberals desire to use Sky News and Sky News only for major political events. The 24 hour news channel was also the media of choice last month during the leaked leadership crisis between John Howard and his senior ministers after a disastrous poll was published. Liberal party members have also stated that Sky News is the medium of choice for the government. Some may think Sky News is becoming Australia's very own Fox News, the right winged propaganda filled 24 hour news channel in the U.S. The political reporting from Sky News journalist David Speers is enough to indicate the bias on Australia's only news channel is rampant. David Speers does not shy away from his political leanings during his reports, and this is the bloke sky news want to moderate the election debate.


Anonymous said...

I am disgusted at sky news and David Speers so called unbiased reporting on the election. Some of the polls taken by the news channel also probably reflect that the channel generates its viewing from liberal suppporters.

Anonymous said...

If you think sky news is biased towards the right,then can I get some of what your smoking because we're not seeing the same thing. Sure its biased in some cases but just because speers gets off his arse to ask some tough questions to both sides doesn't make him a liberal party hack.

Ash The Aussie said...

Speers is not tough enough towards the Liberals I am afraid. Speers spouts and believes the Liberals rhetoric like its fact. Other then Sky News political reporter Speers, it’s relatively objective. It also has to be noted Sky News is 33% owned by Rupert Murdoch.

franky said...

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