Friday, November 09, 2007

James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing - Video

Exclusive report
JK Rowling Denies Connection of Elders Crossing Website
Warner Bros Speaks On Elders Crossing
Harry Potter fans around the world have gone crazy with excitement over a new secret website counting down the release of a mysterious project called James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing. Speculation has run rife over a possible new eighth Harry Potter novel, with the secret website noted as a test marketing exercise.
Warner Bros the owner of the Harry Potter films is believed to be behind the website, however have not confirmed or denied its involvement.
The Elder's Crossing website features a short teaser clip and sketches of characters, focusing on Harry’s father James Potter.
Updates....10th November 2007
The Elders Crossing website allows you to gain access to a secret password. The first password is GENISOLARIS. After receiving the code the site also says 'Remember, mums the word'.
The website today also asked for the first password to be entered, this creates a pop up of a text book called Technomancy, History and Magical Policies by Theodore Hirschall Jackson III. The first topic talks about magical Peruvian Ballistic Beans, and the other Under-age Flight Regulations.
The end of the virtual text book produces the second password ‘CDRSICA’, the D could be an O.
There has been no confirmation on the ownership of this site, however the bottom of this website states.
Harry Potter, James Potter and all associated logos and content are copyright JK Rowling, Warner Bros. and associated publishers.
The mystery continues...


Anonymous said...

I dont really believe that this is real, and im pretty sure WB have denied it, but even so it may not be a prequel, it could be about Harry's son, also names James. But the Hall is mean to "open" in 20 days, so im still exited to see what happens

Anonymous said... has this within their article...

A spokesman for Warner Bros, the company that brought Harry Potter to the big-screen and were believed to be behind the website, has not yet confirmed or denied their involvement in the “secret test marketing” after being contacted by

Mmmm interesting

Ginger said...

I believe it's a marketing site. There is now a 3rd password: poink. At some stage your screen will go hazy and if you wait long enough will get a fair bit of text and at the end will be offered a 20% discount on Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!!
p.s. 2nd p/w IS corsica.

Anonymous said...

This 360 page book was written by George Lippert a US digital artist, it charts harry's son's first year at hogwarts. I think it's a great idea, but JK has nothing to do with it and has threatened "firm action". I hope she doesn't as she is a very rich woman and should let fan's enjoy some more hogwarts adventures, personally i hope to read it published or even on the internet. George wrote the book for his kid's who are massive fan's so give us a chance to read it.
Donatella xx

Anonymous said...

Ah, that explains it, the great digital artwork... he's a digital artist!

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