Sunday, November 18, 2007

Japanese To Kill Humpbacks

Japanese whalers have set out again for another round of horrific culling of the world’s mighty kings of the ocean, humpback whales. The so called scientific research expedition is reported to seek some 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales. New to the menu are 50 humpback whales, the first large scale hunt in years for a creature previously on the verge of extinction.
The Japanese government and whaling industries actions are horrendous and absurd. The world is against them, and one way or another the Japanese whaling expeditions will be halted.
I applaud in this case any action taken by green groups to hinder the actions of the whalers.
I also hope and am optimistic that if any Japanese whalers enter Australian waters, their ships will be driven out, confiscated or destroyed.
Kill our whales, we’ll kill your boats.


Anathel said...

It is the scary thing to do,killing monsters like whales.There should be a probability that you will died.In nature whales have role,in the manner that they are not disturbing humans,maybe we should not harmed them too.

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