Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Warner Brothers Speaks On Elders Crossing

I have been monitoring the existence of the mysterious website for days now, and the mystery has now come to an end. JK Rowling’s representatives informed me that JK Rowling had no connection to the Elders Crossing website, and said to ‘be advised that no one else could publish such a story other than J K Rowling herself’
Today WB spoken contacted me and conveyed much the same; however the Warner Bros spoken said they “will be monitoring the site to ensure that no commercial or inappropriate use is made of our IP rights”.
Warner Brothers officially confirmed the expected, ‘I am happy to confirm that this website is nothing at all to do with us and that there is no truth whatsoever in the story that this is "a secret marketing test" being conducted by Warner Bros.’
The website creater has now him/her self admitted it is a separate entity, and indicated the existence of the site is at the whim of the lawyers.
Who ever this person is, they are very talented and I am sure a publisher or movie studio would be delighted to have him/her on bored.

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