Monday, September 15, 2008

Icrease the Pension? What about Uni Students?

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is under fire from the opposition and senior citizens in Australia over the old age pension, admitting that he could not survive on the $546 fortnightly pension. Subsequently further politician's came fourth to admit the same, admitting the amount provided was inadequate. I ask however, what about the thousand of University students in Australia who live on less than that of their older counterparts. University Students, who are now paying higher HEC's fees, attain exuberant rents, require expensive texts books and incur other living cost in some cases on just $200 a week. It is those student's, often from regional Australia who have moved away to study, who are suffering the most. It is the case I am sure for many, who are wondering when the so called 'educational revolution' which was announced in the 2007 federal election will actually kick in? I certainly know where it can begin, and that is increasing the youth allowance for all University students. The ability for students to concentrate all their efforts on their study to develop knowledge and skills is something that is a greatly desired, and is something the nation should invest in. Some University's have gone to such lengths of handing out food hampers to starving students, students who are not able to live on their 'youth allowance' that has not matched the cost of rising living pressures. This is no way for young Australia to live, and indeed no way for the future of Australia's working economy to exist in an environment that hinders learning and development. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd must not only take care of the old and retired, but take care and invest in students now who are suffering in an attempt to achieve a decent education for tomorrow.

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